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What Are The Most Significant Technology-Related Issues For Higher Education? CAUDIT’s Annual ‘Top Ten Issues’ Answers This Question

We will summarise the current Top Ten issues as identified by CIOs in Australia and New Zealand. We will glance back to see how these have changed over recent years and also see how they compare to the situation in other parts of the world – i.e. identify similarities and differences between Australasia, the United Kingdom, USA, Italy and Canada.

Each year since 2006 CAUDIT has undertaken a survey of its members to determine the Top Ten Issues affecting the strategic utilisation of technology in support of their organisation’s mission.
Within a generally constrained funding envelope and with increasing focus on successful student progress and completion, along with achievement of competitive research outcomes, Information and Communications Technology [ICT] plays a vital role in delivering key services, enabling digital capabilities and providing competitive advantage to each institution.

We are starting to see the impact of the disruption created by the transition to a digital society and greater competition for students and researchers.  This requires a digitally attuned university and research sector to provide the required skills and knowledge and support.

Identification of issues such as these in the annual Top Ten provides a platform for more in depth discussion within universities (with Executive and staff), key external stakeholders and is eagerly awaited by vendors each year.  It is one example of thought leadership by IT leaders within sector.

In addition, through CAUDIT’s participation in the Coalition of Higher Education Information Technology Associations (CHEITA), we are able to identify and tease out how the issues here compare to those of our counterparts in other countries around the world.

This presentation will cover these points and provide an opportunity for feedback on the latest set of issues.  Representatives from our international colleagues may be available to participate in the discussion.