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Virtual (Who’s?) Reality

We are currently experiencing an explosion in activity in the area of virtual and augmented reality.  Whilst this technology, in its basic form, was first commercially released with the Nintendo Virtual Boy in the mid-1990’s, it is only 20 years later that technology has reached a level where true immersion is possible.

As a general rule Virtual Reality (VR) should primarily be used where the subject matter is rare, impossible, dangerous or expensive to produce in any other format. From an educational perspective, VR should be used as a ‘spark’ to stimulate further research using lower-tech content. An example of this is ‘Crystal Reef’ a 5 minute VR experience related to reef acidification due to global warming, produced by Stanford masters student, Cody Karutz.

The Human Interface Technology Laboratory Australia (HITLab AU) is a research and teaching facility within the School of Engineering and ICT at the University of Tasmania. The mission of the HITLab AU is to empower people by building advanced human-computer interface technology that will unlock the power of human intelligence, improve quality of life and link minds globally.