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Vendor Information Pack

CAUDIT provides vendors a unique opportunity to establish broad opportunities, agreements and offers to the Research and Higher Education Sector in the region.  We have a strong tradition of working closely with vendors to the benefit of CAUDIT, its members and vendors alike.

The key objectives of CAUDITs vendor engagements are as follows:

  1. To simplify processes;
  2. To share information, good practice and technology roadmaps;
  3. To aggregate demand for the benefit of members and vendors;
  4. To provide standardisation within the sector where possible; and
  5. To reduce costs for members and vendors.

The following documents have been included in this pack to provide you with the necessary background to understand CAUDIT and its members and to put together an offer.

Frequently Asked Questions – specifically compiled to answer the questions of new vendors, this is a great starting point (this document will also guide you towards information on the CAUDIT website and the other documents below.

CAUDIT Annual Report – the Annual Report provides key information about CAUDIT, its operation and its members that may be of benefit to vendors.

CAUDIT “Top 10” – at the CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting each year, CAUDIT Members establish a list of the top ten things that are keeping them awake at night.  These items are then used to focus efforts during the following year.

CAUDIT Procurement Guidelines – this document outlines the CAUDIT approach to procurement and is used to drive all of the procurement practices of CAUDIT.

CAUDIT Strategic Plan – the CAUDIT strategic plan identifies the six pillars that are the current strategic focus of the organisation: promoting thought leadership, strategic procurement, professional development & sharing knowledge, engaging our Membership, facilitating sector wide services and evidence-based practice.

Key Contacts – a list of key personnel within CAUDIT and the sector.

University Statistics Summary – the higher education sector has a wealth of statistics that are collected by the Commonwealth and may be used as part of the basis for pricing offers and agreements.