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Use Of Emerging Tech In Teaching & Learning - Transforming The T&L Experience Through Immersive Technology (A Partnership Between IT And The Academic Community At UON)

Ms Ann Walters

University of Newcastle

Over the past two years, the IT Services at the University of Newcastle have engaged with academics across the institution to create a large number of innovative, and o en world-first applications to address teaching and learning needs. These applications utilise a number of new technologies, in particular immersive technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, 3D scanning, simulation and visualisation.

Presented here are a number of these applications from projects in Nursing and Midwifery, to Engineering, to Creative Industries, to Business & Law. For each project, academic subject matter experts have been heavily involved in defining the scope and direction of the project throughout its development. This collaborative approach has resulted in applications that solve real problems, meet educators learning objectives for students and push new boundaries for IT. Each application was developed using a small team, with a rapid prototyping

approach that utilises lean startup and agile so ware development principles and adapted to the higher education environment.
These applications include:

  • Virtual reality – Compromised Neonate, Environmental Assessment, Road to Birth, Virtual Anaesthesia, Victoria Theatre & Conflict Resolution

  • Augmented & mixed reality – Neural Visualiser, Brain Scan & Virtual Boardroom

  • 3D Scanning – Deep Time & 3D Spaces

  • Simulation & visualisation – Acute Care, Sandbox, Tsunami Visualisation, Virtual Concrete Lab, Food Metabolism & Administering Medicine

    All of these innovative applications have been tested with student trials and many are currently in use, in total reaching thousands of students across the University. These trials and general use have shown a strong positive reception by students both in terms of their acceptance of the new technology and the value it provides as a learning tool as demonstrated through surveys and so ware analytics. Aside from student use, these applications are also spawning new research opportunities, have received numerous awards and coverage in national and international media.

    (Unfortunately a copy of this presentation is not available)