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In Unity Is Strength - A Story Of Global Collaboration By EDX Partners, Celebrating Best Practice In The MOOC Space

Mrs Ali Ogilvie

University of Adelaide


This series of 20 slides will be mainly imagery and relevant info-graphics charting the principles, objectives and achievements of the Microsoft led Assessment Symposium.

Featuring narrative examples of how this band of online educators utilised the value of a level playing eld, shared technical limitations of our common platform (edX) and a desire to work together to improve user experience and share best practice in student centred design.

Between March 2017 and present day, this group has physically met 4 times (in Seattle, Adelaide, Vancouver and San Francisco) and has worked remotely together in between these sessions, forming a fruitful and positive community of practice with a safe-to-fail ethos.

Evidence will be shared within this presentation documenting how Adelaide have leveraged the combined knowledge and experience of this group to access and beta test new learning tools (a Harvard designed chat bot), implement and share research into learner behaviour, cross promote MOOC courses from partner institutes to learners within the same target market and forge new and rich working groups to explore improvements to the technical side of the platform.

In addition to the Microsoft Symposium group, the Regional edX Partnership will be detailed as a comparison, drawing on the difference in dynamic when consortium members are well known to each other geographically and compete within the same domestic market for the same (on campus and international) students. Discussion will focus on the strengths and opportunities that come with sharing experience locally with a smaller and more culturally aligned group versus the scope and depth of knowledge exchange with a truly global agenda.