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UC Student 360

To cut-through the usually complex higher education environment, the UC Student 360 was developed to allow students to get the information they need, when they need it.

The seamless and multi-functional application also provides UC staff a ‘360-degree’ view of a student and all their interactions with the university.   

In use by 22 of our student-facing teams, UC Student 360 also plugs our student facing systems into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, to channel enquiries around the university, supported by automated workflow management and systems integrations. 

It’s also a powerful marketing tool, collecting data across the student life cycle, allowing the university to understand and tailor marketing approaches.     

Key features include: 

• Student services: including online forms for enrolment, deferred exams, unit credit, studying abroad and inclusion support. The services offered will continue to grow over the life of the project.   

• Case management: When a student lodges a query through any channel, teams using UC Student 360 can share cases with other areas for resolution, with a history of the case viewable. The true value of this is reflected in the experience the student has in having their issues resolved and easily completing key processes through self-service smart forms and automated approval workflows. 

• Self-service reporting: and the ability to provide more complex, interactive reporting.

• Automation of marketing functions: to drive meaningful engagement with prospective and current students. 

• Direct integration with university’s learner analytics platform: allows UC staff to see how students are performing and feeling, allowing proactive intervention should students require support.

UC Student 360