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Talk Nerdy to Me

Initiative Overview

 Audience: University Staff   

Scope: How to help staff find out about all the important IT stuff they need to know when they keep deleting our emails.   

Solution: The ICT Training team at the University of Southern Queensland took the challenge of information dissemination head on and after a little bit of ‘out of the box’ thinking, and a leap of faith from the Executive Director (thanks Scott Sorley), the multimedia, micro training Talk Nerdy to Me initiative was born.  Four years later, this incredibly effective communication tool continues to educate and entertain staff, which is a testament to its success.   

Talk Nerdy to Me is all about stopping the boring text emails to staff (who aren’t interested in reading them) and instead sending short, sharp and entertaining video messages on the same day, at the same time, each week (Monday @9am). 

Talk Nerdy to Me videos are a maximum of 120 seconds long and are produced within ICT, utilising simple resources (iPhone/iPads) to record and produce the end product.     

Four years down the track and we have changed the landscape of IT information and training for staff at our University and have positively influenced how the division is viewed by smashing the assumption that IT is boring and hard to understand.     

Viewing data confirms that staff continue to voluntary engage each week and the videos have become a respected communication tool for ICT.     

This successful initiative has made a big impact, all with minimal resources and a little bit of fun.   

Talk Nerdy to Me