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ATTENDEE;CN="Ronald VAN ERVEN";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:r.vane ATTENDEE;CN="Pat Gould";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:Pat.Gould@cdu ATTENDEE;CN="Emiliano Fisanotti";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:emil ATTENDEE;CN="Mary Sharp";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:Mary.Sharp@i ATTENDEE;CN="Wade HAMS";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:w.hams@ecu.ed ATTENDEE;CN="Gina White";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:Gina.White@s ATTENDEE;CN="Mick Bowen";ROLE=OPT-PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:Mick.Bowen@s CATEGORIES:Webinar CLASS:PUBLIC CREATED:20170629T115602Z DESCRIPTION:CAUDIT Webinar: Vendor – Keeping your sanity securing private /public\ncloud servers\n\nWednesday\, 19 July 2017 | 1:00pm AEST | 1 hour\ n\n \n\nPlease feel free to forward this to appropriate staff within your\ ninstitution.\n\n \n\nSynopsis\n\nMoving into IaaS and PaaS takes you out of your (fire)walled garden\ninto the wide open Internet with minimal plat form protection offered by\ncloud providers. The Shared Responsibility Mo del leaves securing your\nservers and applications to you. Sure\, defence s at the perimeter are\nuseful fences in the way of the bad guys\, but you r assets reside on your\nservers\, not your network. Think next-generatio n firewall-style\nprotections but applied per server. This needs to be in place before\nyou move your servers\, not after. You will see how to aut omatically\nprotect your valuable data as you move workloads between virtu alised\non-premise\, private or public cloud infrastructure. Along the wa y see\nhow you can get ahead of the next Heartbleed\, WannaCry or SambaCry \noutbreak\, and ‘virtually patch’ those server on average 57 day bef ore\nsoftware vendors publish their patches\, leaving you to patch in your own\ngood time. No more expensive emergency patching on Saturday night.\ n\n \n\nIn this 45-minute webinar we will:\n\n \n\n* Explain the Shared Re sponsibility Model for cloud security and\nhow that affects your security planning\n* Demonstrate how automated\, scalable security controls can be\ nimplemented across all your hybrid server environments\n* Explain how to test it out for yourselves and consider the\nCAUDIT procurement pricing op tions to make it easy to acquire the\nworld’s leading server protection solution at a fantastic price\n\n \n\nAudience\n\nInformation Technology\n \n \n\nSpeakers\n\nMike McLuney\n\nTechnical Lead\, ANZ\n\n+61 421 623 282 \n\ \n\n \n\nConnection Details\n\nURL:\n\n \nEvent Number: 734 413 296\n\nDial-in Number: +61 2 8015 2088\n\n \n\nAdditional Information\n\nhttp://blog.trendmic\n\n DTEND;TZID="W. Australia Standard Time":20170719T120000 DTSTAMP:20170629T061747Z DTSTART;TZID="W. Australia Standard Time":20170719T110000 LAST-MODIFIED:20170629T115602Z LOCATION:Zoom | 734 413 296 ORGANIZER;CN="Steve Johnston":invalid:nomail PRIORITY:5 SEQUENCE:5 SUMMARY;LANGUAGE=en-au:CAUDIT Webinar: Trend Micro TRANSP:OPAQUE UID:040000008200E00074C5B7101A82E0080000000030E430D95EEFD201000000000000000 01000000047DD0DA774CF89408BA3BC482611B1B6 X-ALT-DESC;FMTTYPE=text/html:< body lang=EN-AU link="#0563C1" vlink="#954F72">

CAUDIT Webin ar: Vendor –\; Keeping your sanity securing private/public cloud serv ers

Wednesday\, 19 July 2017 | 1:00pm AEST | 1 hour

 \ ;

Pl ease feel free to forward this to appropriate staff within your institutio n.



Moving into IaaS and PaaS takes you out of your (fire)walled garden into the wide open Internet with minim al platform protection offered by cloud providers. \; The Shared Re sponsibility Model leaves securing your servers and applications to yo u. \; Sure\, defences at the perimeter are useful fences in the way of the bad guys\, but your assets reside on your servers\, not your network.  \; Think next-generation firewall-style protections but applied per s erver. \; This needs to be in place before you move your servers\, not after. \; You will see how to automatically protect your valuable dat a as you move workloads between virtualised on-premise\, private or public cloud infrastructure. \; Along the way see how you can get ahead of t he next Heartbleed\, WannaCry or SambaCry outbreak\, \; and ‘\;vi rtually patch’\; those server on average 57 day before software vendo rs publish their patches\, leaving you to patch in your own good time.&nbs p\; No more expensive emergency patching on Saturday night.


In this 45-minute webina r we will:




Information \;Technology



Mike McLuney

Technical L ead\, ANZ

+61 421 623 282



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