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Successful SLAM Conference draws to a close

The third annual Software Licensing Asset Management (SLAM) was held in Brisbane in early October, hosted by the University Software Licensing Community (USLC).

Key decision makers and software licensing professionals from 23 universities across Australia and New Zealand attended, with the main focus to investigate asset and contract management systems, with presentations from key vendors and professional staff currently implementing solutions.

Survey responses from the 34 attendees highlighted the overall quality (4.6/5), structure (4.7/5) and content (4.6/5).  With 97% of attendees indicating that they are interested in attending again, demand for places will be strong when the fourth SLAM is held October 2016.

The USLC will review the 2015 conference and develop some additional options including moving the event or having a travelling workshop, vendor-free sessions more practical workshops, additional events/sessions focused on hardware, catalogues and category management and including funding, finance and audits.