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Strategic Procurement

CAUDIT negotiates with ICT vendors on a sector-wide basis to derive maximum mutual value.  CAUDIT ensures that members have a good understanding of future technology roadmaps and works with its Members, AARNet, the AAF and other partners to ensure that its services and roadmap continue to remain relevant and add value for the sector.

CAUDIT’s focus on strategic procurement enables significant savings to members across the Higher Education sector.  Collectively, CAUDIT member institutions spend approximately AU$2.0B on ICT products and services annually.  The benefits of CAUDIT’s strategic procurement efforts include improved value for money due to economies of scale, greater leverage in the marketplace to influence product development and direction, and sector savings in procurement staff resources.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic Procurement is called out as a Strategic Pillar within the CAUDIT Strategic Plan:

“CAUDIT will work with vendors to deliver value to members by leveraging their collective spending power, as well as building strategic partnerships to enhance the value of the relationship members have with the vendor community.  To facilitate this CAUDIT will: negotiate collective procurement arrangements…; work with members and vendors to derive maximum mutual value…; and work with strategic vendors to ensure that members have a good understanding of the future technology roadmaps so that members can make sound strategic investment decisions…”

As part of CAUDIT’s strategy around Strategic Procurement, a full time Director Strategic Procurement is employed to negotiate on behalf of CAUDIT members and to manage existing agreements.  The Director reports to the Chief Executive Officer, as well as taking advice from the Strategic Procurement Advisory Committee.

The Director Strategic Procurement is:

Name Steve Johnston
Mobile +61 419 909 677
Phone +61 8 6304 5511
Fax +61 8 6304 5515
Physical Address c/o Edith Cowan University
Joondalup Campus
Building 9, Room 437 
270 Joondalup Drive
Mailing Address

PO Box 2003
Churchlands WA 6014