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Smashing the Data Storage Crystal Ball

Mr Gregory Ryan

Griffith University

In 2017, Griffith University went out to market to replace the ageing Tier 1 Storage Array which provided their enterprise level storage requirements.

As part of the criteria for the replacement was the desire to move to using On Demand capacity to allow the storage team to provide ‘just in time’ storage capacity instead of having to forecast users needs.

Due to the ever changing needs of the university especially where research projects are concerned trying to accurately forecast the projected storage was like using a Crystal Ball.

Moving to On Demand would allow us to adapt rapidly to the future business needs however moving from a traditional Capital Cost purchasing model to Recurring Cost purchasing presented a roadblock to the purchase process.

This presentation will address the challenges that were faced in changing entrenched purchasing attitudes and the arguments used to overcome them including:

• Changing the attitude of management to ODA model

+ How to sell the bene ts of On Demand vs
raditional Capital purchase

  • >  Opportunity to govern our usage and within limit

  • >  Ability to upgrade to meet the organisations storage needs

  • >  No need to ‘sweat’ the assets beyond their standard life to write down their book value • Lack of confidence due to not having asset ownership

+ Entrenched view that assets needed to be owned so that we could maintain control.

> Had to provide assurances from the vendors on how On Demand assets were controlled and that areas such as insurance were covered.

• Government regulations and guidelines which were antiquated

+ Lease agreements were not allowed under the regulations

• Concern over relationship with Vendors (under an ODA model the organisation doesn’t ‘own’ the asset so concerns were raised such as what if the vendor goes out of business).

> Required that we build up a company pro le for the vendor to build con dence in their longevity

(A copy of this presentation is unfortunately not available).