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SLAM 2017 - Strength through Collaboration

The University Software Licensing Community (USLC) has just completed a very successful 5th Annual Software Licensing and Asset Management (SLAM 2017) conference in Brisbane. The 2017 event which ran from 30th August to 1st September 2017, had the largest number of University delegates attend, 47 from 28 CAUDIT member institutions (including ANSTO and Orygen), and 15 sponsor organisations. Over 60 people attended the event which consisted of 3 days of presentations, workshops and networking opportunities. Sessions included keynotes by Anne Kealley (CAUDIT) - “Change is all around us”, Guriq Sedha (Sedha Consulting) - “Five Common Audit Mistakes“ and Col Ellis (KPMG) - “Guide to Oracle Audits”.

This year's theme, "Strength through Collaboration" highlighted the cooperative power of combining resources, knowledge and experience to improve Software Asset Management within our institutions. SAM continues to grow in importance to Universities as the sector investigates initiatives to help reduce operating costs and control the risks and complexities of software licensing, particularly in a Cloud-based era. During the conference, delegates listened to and discussed SAM issues and strategies, SAM maturity stages, processes and resourcing. The conference also focused on software audits with sessions covering the common mistakes, the 12 steps of audits and how to proactively plan for and manage audit processes.

Microsoft and VMware presented updates on their sector contracts and negotiations. University delegates presented over 4 hours of case studies and panel sessions providing real life experiences on topics including: the stages of SAM implementations, actual SAM practices, and the SAM journey, issues and solutions.

Most importantly, the event supported the networking of friends and colleagues working in SAM across the sector, making new connections and building a bigger, stronger community of software licensing professionals.

With delegates comments like, “Already is ‘must attend’ event”, “the SAM mix as it is now is excellent”, “very good practical examples discussed and solutions developed”, “provides great information, ideas, best practices, community collaboration, and the people!!!”, and finally, “Came away feeling the support of a like-minded group”.

SLAM 2017 was pulled together by the awesome efforts of Anne Cameron, Jeff Stafford and Mark Noonan with support from Anagram Events Australia

Watch out for SLAM 2018!

 Anne Kealley, CEO, CAUDIT

  Sreekanth Gopalakrishnan, Curtin University

 SLAM 2017 Panel Discussion

   SLAM 2017 Delegates