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Session Synopsis

Presenter: Glenda Morgan, Ph.D, Research Director, Higher Education 

Session: Innovating Learning Environments in Education

Synopsis: What does the learning environment of the future look like? What changes are shaping global higher education and how should CIOs and their institutions be responding to ensure that their students thrive? In this presentation I will describe some of the drivers of change shaping learning in higher education and Dr. Morgan offer CIOs the strategic insight and tactical guidance they need to build the next-generation learning environment in higher education.


Presenter: Jan-Martin Löwendahl, Research Vice President, Gartner 

Session: The 2017 CIO Agenda Webinar / Q &  A

Synopsis: Dr. Lowendahl will provide a short summary of the results of the Higher Education responses from the 2017 Gartner CIO Survey. Comparing and contrasting with the “Top Performers” as defined in the survey. But the session is mainly provided for the audience to ask questions about the survey. This will enable CIOs to better understand the global landscape and their relative position within it. For a full length webinar please see Gartner 2017 Higher Education CIO Survey Findings and Recommendations  


Presenter: Andy Keiller, Chief Information Officer, University of Canterbury 

Session: Nurture the Culture

Synopsis:  IT Services have embarked on a journey to help it understand its culture, i.e. what are the motivators and what are the inhibitors to innovation, excellent service delivery and most of all increased job satisfaction? This presentation will take you on this journey and discuss the challenges and successes there have been in moving towards a more constructive and engaging culture.