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Service Co-Development in the Higher Education Sector

Mr David Wilde



AARNet was created by the sector, for the sector, to provide shared network infrastructure and services. Founded in 1989 to connect Australian research and higher education to the internet – brand new at that time - our mission remains the same: to address market failure in serving this sector high quality, ultra- high bandwidth network connectivity and related services.

We work with our members and customers to develop unique solutions, very much favouring a co-identification, co-creation, co-development approach. This approach has borne fruit over many years:

  • Eduroam: automatic connectivity to wireless networks at universities and other locations worldwide via federated authentication. Developed through an ongoing global collaboration of national research and education networks (NREN).

  • FileSender – collaborative so ware for transferring large files; an open-source so ware project run primarily by NRENs for researchers at higher education institutions.

  • CloudStor – the AARNet service for research data storage and sharing, developed in partnership with CERN

  • Panopto – a partnership with a commercial partner delivering a lecture capture and streaming service; hosted on AARNet-owned shared infrastructure following consultation with several institutions.

  • Data Retention storage – a shared service for institutions to meet their legislative obligations, developed in collaboration with CAUDIT to identify member interest, detailed requirements and demand.

    We plan to continue and expand this collaborative approach. This talk will share some of the lessons we’ve distilled from our years of experience, and socialise our future plans.In particular, AARNet recognise that whilst high quality network connectivity continues to |be a necessary foundation for global research collaboration, it is no longer sufficient alone. One of our strategic initiatives is to increase our support of research data and workflows, through the facilitation and integration of the various components of this ecosystem: institutional compute and storage resources, sector-run research cloud services and high-performance compute, commercial cloud services and our own services. This can only be achieved through close partnership and collaboration

    (A copy of this presentation is unfortunately not available).