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Resilience in Leadership, Innovation and Life

Building Resilience in Leadership and Life

in Australasian universities and research organisations 


Whilst working and thriving in a crisis might seem like second nature to IT teams and leaders, from our experience we understand that even here the threshold for performing under pressure varies and thus the quality of output varies. This variance in the teams output and varying resilience levels of team member causes yet another layer of deep complexity in the web of leading a team in a high pressure environment.

As leaders of technology you work in environments that are highly dynamic with:

  • constant demands on delivery,
  • where change is constant,
  • speed of innovation is expected and
  • where speed of adoption and transformation is not guaranteed.

The program will give you an opportunity to refresh, reset and move forward with a state of clarity, to lead with power, foster innovation and live life feeling energised and ready to create more


Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the cycle of your thoughts, feelings and your neurology.
  • Be able to identify the early warning signals of innovation drain
  • Understand•how Cause and Effect play out during a crisis.
  • Be able to apply techniques to shift moments of stress into positive leadership opportunities


3 x online workshop sessions

You will participate in this interactive session with peers from within IT, library and research disciplines in the higher education sector strengthening your network.  This is a core focus and deliverable for CAUDIT run programs


The first of three sessions is being delivered to CAUDIT Member Representatives at the CAUDIT Autumn Members Meeting in May 2020 with the following two sessions being held on 20th and 27th May 2020.   Currently this program is being offered to CAUDIT Member Representatives only.   If you are interested in this course being run at your organisation talk to your CIO/Director and then contact


Download: Building Resilience in Leadership Innovation and Life brochure