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The Research Hub: Design and Realisation of Better Connected Research IT Support Services

Initiative Overview

The Research Hub is a researcher-centric web application that connects the University of Auckland research community with people, resources, and services from across the University to enhance and accelerate research.

At its simplest, previously disconnected and variously presented information and services are now brought together as a catalogue of researcher facing services making those services more discoverable and accessible.     

The creation of the Research Hub has involved the development of reusable service design tools to connect various University tools and services used to support research which can be used as an exemplar both nationally and internationally.

This iterative design process has involved and focussed on the needs of researchers and end users with their input and involvement  being integral and at the heart of all design decisions throughout the hub project lifecycle.   

The Research Hub provides a single point of access for researchers to find, discover, request support, and manage service allocations provided from across the University in support of their research activities.

The Research Hub connects data, services, instruments, resources, outputs, and people throughout the research cycle, and provides an opportunity to capture data on how these various components are used together to give a more detailed institutional record of research activities, assets and outcomes. The distributed content creation model coupled with centralised publishing has enabled significant growth, service provider buy-in from across the University, fostered relationships with and between stakeholders, and further strengthened key partnerships.  

The REesearch Hub