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Research Data, Storage and Management - Building Unity With Diversity Across The Technology, Research, The Library and The Sector to Support The Research Life-Cycle

Mr Jason Nairnsey, Mr Jason Andrade

University of Wollongong


This talk focuses on solving research data, storage and management challenges at the University of Wollongong. Strong engagement with the sector combined with solid internal collaboration across the divisions of IT, Research, Library and Legal services have been key in developing a cohesive set of solutions.

Our approach has been to ensure that provisioning and managing research storage was not done in isolation and that the end to end research lifecycle needed to be key to any solution being proposed. For example the start of metadata collection for a research project is o en captured in other University systems, such as a grant application. Guiding the ow of existing information through to a metadata management program saves a researcher entering the same data into multiple systems. Similarly at the publishing stage of a research project this metadata can be re-used plus attached to a dataset and its licence if required. Having this centrally managed allows researchers to adhere to institutional policy with a minimum of overhead, a key to adoption. UOW’s chosen metadata application is open source and being used by several Australian Universities Built around a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) it can provision storage, be attached to an ethics application, satisfy funders as well as provide a record for records management purposes (avoiding the need to store research data in the records management system itself). This web portal is being developed

in collaboration across the sector and the future roadmap includes aligning deeper level, domain specific metadata and datasets from other commonly used so ware used in research projects.  Streamlining the administration of a research project has been key to the success of this program as it allows more time for a researcher to get on with their research. Additionally engaging research support stakeholders has transformed them into collaborators that have championed the ecosystem.  We cover the implementation of a variety of storage solutions to meet researcher requirements and the challenges of connecting them to a metadata management system as well examples of what has worked well and where the challenges have been.