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Redesign To Align: Shifting ITS To Support Strategic Capability At Victoria

In early 2013, Information Technology Services at Victoria University started the planning process to fundamentally change the way they delivered and supported technology services within the institution.  The end goal of this planning, to shift from delivering core business services to aligning with the core business outcomes of learning, research and the student experience.

Instigated by a long term strategy accepted by the senior leadership team, all of ITS were consulted in ‘what they would do if we were a new university’. The teams brainstormed and work shopped where they saw IT in a 21st century tertiary environment. The outcomes of these sessions were presented and considered in a true business aligned change proposal at the end of 2013.

In February 2014, the new structure was implemented and a new journey for the ITS team at Victoria began.

This presentation will highlight:
* The initial planning process and strategy
* How we consulted with ITS staff and the wider community
* The restructure process and its outcomes
* The new focus for ITS at Victoria
* New teams, roles and responsibilities within the group
* The new three year plan and aligned KPIs