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"Power to the People" - Informing a Transformational Strategic Vision for Learning Environments and Library Services

Ms Gwenda Thomas,
Ms Donna Mcrostie

University of Melbourne

Through 2018 Scholarly Services has been on a transformational journey and challenged to consider what a reimagined scholarly service (learning environments and library services) will deliver in the future to support scholarly success across the University of Melbourne. In 2017 an external review made eleven recommendations touching on most areas of the business across Scholarly Services including core business functions, space, business process improvement, visibility, optimising resources and communication (internal & external). The Review provided us with a foundation to develop a program to plan services and partnerships to make a transformational impact across the scholarly information environment and enable a next generation of scholars to be productive in a digital world, considering the rapid changes across the tertiary sector and within the university. In 2018 under new leadership and with the outcomes of the review in hand we turned over the planning of the possibilities into the expert hands of our campus community and commenced an intensive HCD (Human Centred Design) project to inform our transformation and guide our decision making.

The ENGS (enabling next generation scholarship) CX (Customer Experience) Transformation Project was established to explore what scholarly services and success means to our community, how we can better enable next generation scholarship, our value proposition and identity to inform strategic planning for 2018-2020. As part of the research phase of the project, we sought to understand the strategic academic, research and engagement aspirations and expectations of Chancellery in relation to scholarly success and our service offering alongside the undergraduate and graduate cohorts experiences and needs. These lived experiences and strategic perspectives were bought together in the research phase of the project to inform priorities and opportunities.

This presentation will outline our HCD approach to developing a strategic plan and our journey to build sustainable and scalable services outlining lessons learned and how our community from senior executive to undergraduate students have informed our future forward customer-centric strategies when the only constant is change.