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Oracle Engagement

The CAUDIT Membership has identified Oracle as a key vendor for the development of a strategic partnership, for both CAUDIT as a whole, and for individual institutions. 

CAUDIT Members spend more money each year with Oracle than any other software vendor.  Despite this, Oracle can be a difficult organisation to work with due to their unique approach to market and sales-orientated approach.  The following deliverables have been identified as desirable ouctomes for the Oracle engagement.

Deliverables for Oracle and CAUDIT Members
1. Simplified Processes - a reduction in the bureaurcracy required to engage with Oracle, including but not limited to:
  • A single set of negotiated and agreed terms and conditions for agreed products and services.
  • A single price list for negotiated prodcuts; or a clearly stated discount against list pricing.
  • Improvement in the handling of tenders, quotations, purchase orders, invoices, statements and payments
2. Information Sharing - improved communications between Oracle and the CAUDIT membership:
  • Technology roadmaps (particularly industry specific information);
  • Support and process information; and
  • General communications.
3. Demand Aggregation - an improved ability for CAUDIT members to aggregate demand from Oracle products and services:
  • Term commitments;
  • Group purchasing commitments; and
  • Volume purchasing commitments.
4. Standardisation - improved coordination between the CAUDIT membership with respect to Oracle products being used in order to simplify:
  • The Oracle technology mix in use within CAUDIT Members;
  • Suppotrt processes within and between CAUDIT Members (allowing information sharing, demand aggregation, simplified processes and the ability to share or transition staff between members).
5. Cost Reduction - a reduction in the cost to do business; these cost savings should be evident for both Oracle and the CAUDIT membership:
  • Reduced costs associated with an Oracle engagemnt (lower bureaucratic burden and effort required with respect to quotations, purchase orders, invoices, statements and support).
  • A reduction in the price charged to CAUDIT members for products and services.