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Benchmarking Online Service

Access CAUDIT Benchmarking data via Tableau Online service

From 2016 CAUDIT Members who completed the annual CAUDIT Benchmarking data collection will be able to access and analyse the CAUDIT Benchmarking data set using the CAUDIT Benchmarking Online service.  This service is available to those participating Members on an annual calendar year subscription basis currently costed at USD500. 

The CAUDIT Benchmarking Online system provides CAUDIT Members with self-service data access, interactive analysis and self-generated reporting outputs from CAUDIT Benchmarking system data including all previous years benchmarking data.  This service is based on the cloud-based Tableau Online from Tableau []. 

Access to the CAUDIT Benchmarking Online System is via an email username created by the institution and provided to CAUDIT for registration as a login username..

The Annual Benchmarking Survey report will continue to be published and produced for all CAUDIT Members, to ensure those who do not subscribe to the CAUDIT Benchmarking Online system have access to the Benchmarking data and its overall analysis.

To access the CAUDIT Benchmarking Online service click on the Access button below on the left.  

Clicking on the right button will provide a User Guide for the CAUDIT Benchmarking Online service.

Introduction to Tableau Online Videos

Getting Started with Tableau Server and Tableau Online [4:56 mins]

Tableau End User Training Video [14:00 mins]

Note as the Tableau Online service is the Tableau Server system hosted as a Cloud service, whenever the word Server is stated this also applies to Online.

For any queries please contact Steven Wojnarowski, Director Analytics and Strategic Initiatives or email

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