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One University’s Cloud Journey

This presentation will provide an overview of Edith Cowan University’s transition to a “cloud” infrastructure service provision in order to seek greater agility and flexibility; and to enable IT to focus on business enablement.
ECU’s drivers, approach, success, and lessons learned will be presented to provide some insight for organisations who might be considering a similar transition.


Technology plays an integral part in the teaching, learning and research activities of Universities.  Staff and students have an expectation that systems will be highly available, perform well, and be up to date with current features.

Technology departments have the challenge of delivering to these requirements today, whilst building in the flexibility required to allow for tomorrow’s strategic initiatives.
In 2014 ECU commenced a transformation program aimed at improving its technology capability to better meet the needs of its staff, students and researchers.    As part of this program, the University transitioned from owning and operating on-campus datacentres and IT infrastructure; to consuming these services on a commodity basis from external suppliers – providing greater agility, performance and reliability and allowing IT to focus on providing real business value.

Many lessons were learned on the ensuing journey.   This presentation will provide an overview of two of the key initiatives that have taken ECU to the “Cloud” – what we thought would work, what did work, and what we would do differently.