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Microsoft Negotiation


CAUDIT has negotiated an agreement with Microsoft every three years for the last 31 years.  This sector-wide agreement is beneficial to CAUDIT Members and Microsoft.  We have a long tradition of working closely with Microsoft and it is hoped that this partnership will continue for many years to come.


The objective of this negotiation is to establish a multi-year agreement with Microsoft (3 years) for all university Members of CAUDIT.

2017 Negotiation

It is noted that the 2017 Negotiation resulted in a 12-month extension to the previous agreement.  This was the best possible outcome from negotiations between February and October 2017.  Since that renewal, we have been working with Microsoft to establish a new multi-year agreement, based upon updated contracts (CASA 2017, EES 2017).

2018 Negotiation

CAUDIT completed a new multi-year agreement; the negotiation was led by the Microsoft Negotiation Working Group (MNWG) in conjunction with CAUDIT staff.

2021 Negotiation

CAUDIT has commenced negotiation of a new multi-year agreement. Governance for this negotiation includes an Executive Steering Committee, Negotiation Working Group, Technical Working Group, and Procurement Working Group in conjunction with CAUDIT staff.

Renewal Dates

Universities renew on one of the following dates, depending upon when their agreement started:

  • December 1
  • March 1

Approximately half of the membership renew on each date.  These dates are also being used for Microsoft Premier Support agreements (established in 2018, for the next renewal).

Please advise Steve Johnston if you would like to participate in any of the working groups.

Legal Review

Contracts are currently being reviewed by Hall & Wilcox.  A copy of all contracts and preliminary advice received can be downloaded from the Microsoft 2018 Procurement Deal page.

Pricing Review

CAUDIT is currently reviewing pricing received from Microsoft.  In particular, detailed pricing checks have been conducted for Universities with representatives on the MNWG along with modeling of the 'base price' for all Universities across the sector.

Request for Tender

CAUDIT approached the Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) market in August 2018 for pricing information from each reseller eligible to sell to universities under this program.  Information on these is available on the CAUDIT website.

  • Data #3
  • Datacom
  • Dell
  • Dimension Data
  • Insight
  • rhipe
  • SoftwareOne
  • Winc

If you are an LSP, and not on the list, please contact Steve Johnston.

Further Information

Please contact Steve Johnston for more information.