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THETA 2019

Looking for something thought provoking to listen to?  Get a head start on thinking about ‘The Tipping Point’ by watching a series of presentations by one of our 2019 keynote speakers – ANU Distinguished Professor and Intel Senior Fellow.  Professor Bell recently presented the Boyer Lecture for 2017 on the ABC - 

In this series, Professor Genevieve Bell explains why she’s returned home after decades in Silicon Valley, and explores Australia’s role in building our current digital world.

There are four downloads available in the series: Fast, smart and connected: What is it to be Human, and Australian, in a Digital World?

  • Part 01 –Where it all began
  • Part 02 – Dealing lightning with both hands
  • Part 03 – All technology has a history (and a country)
  • Part 04 – How to build our digital future
  • Bonus – Your hopes and fears for where technology is heading

Professor Bell has spent the past 30 years in Silicon Valley, at the epicentre of the biggest set of digital transformations in our lifetime. It’s been her role to ensure that lived experience shapes the direction of future technology. She has pioneered futurist research looking at how different cultures use technology, and helped guide Intel's product development by developing the company's social science and design research capabilities.

She completed her PhD in cultural anthropology at Stanford University in 1998.

In 2018, Professor Bell will lead a new Autonomy, Agency and Assurance Institute, to be known as the 3A Institute, co-founded by Australian National University and CSIRO’s Data61, Australia’s largest data innovation network.

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