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Supporting Student Success Remains Top Priority for CAUDIT Members

#1 2019 CAUDIT Top Ten Topics:  Supporting Student Success

Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology

Every student brings diverse needs, ambitions, capabilities and curriculum entry points. Our student cohorts are characterised by a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, personal circumstances and work commitments. No uniform response can serve individual student success. Each university shapes student success strategies that recognise and respond to its unique student profile and ambitions.

The objective of ensuring every student can access integrated and flexible supports, both on and off campus, sees ICT teams in partnerships with academic and professional staff, and with students themselves. Leveraging information technology in supporting student success is realised most effectively when ICT expertise is pooled with expertise and expectations held by other stakeholders.

Technology is fundamental in identifying at risk students early and mobilising support for them, including careers advice, health and wellbeing programs, library support, student guidance, and learning and teaching interventions. Technology can be transformative for student success through enabling students to access these domains as an integrated suite rather than a jigsaw.

ICT leaders and their staff advance student success through structured, sustained interactions across the university community. Their technical know-how, and their understanding of security and privacy considerations, extend the reach and power of every institution’s student success strategies.

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