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Speakers & Presentations - 2013 Autumn Members Meeting

Recorded sessions from the CAUDIT Autumn Members Meeting held in Hobart in April 2013 are now available for members to view.

Instructions to access recorded sessions:

  1. Visit:
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Content’ tab.  The CAUDIT logo should be visible.  If not enter in ‘CAUDIT’ within the search field under the Content tab.
  3. Click on the CAUDIT logo to open the folder.
  4. Look for the individual stream using the name listed below and click.
  5. Enter in access code:  CAUDIT2013
  6. The video will start playing automatically

Wednesday 10th April 2013

Stream name:  Hobart_100413_Johnston_Costley_Brown’


What's a CIO to do if the network is us?
Larry Johnston CEO, New Media Consortium
00:00:00 – 00:33:16

UWS Student iPad Initiative
Phil Costley, Manager Business Services, University of Western Sydney
00:33:46 – 00:56:25

ICT TechLab
Geoffrey Brown, Director, Solutions and Engagement Services University of Sydney
00:56:35 – 01:17:20

(Geoffrey Brown - PDF of presentation)

Thursday 11th April 2013

Stream name:  ‘Hobart_110413_Dodds_Sunderland_McMillan’


Welcome and Introduction
Maureen Klinkert
00:00 – 00:05:55

The key IT challenges facing Cornell and other US institutions
Ted Dodds
00:05:55 – 00:57:30

(Ted Dodds - PDF of presentation)

AARNet Products and Services
Jamie Sunderland, Director, Product Solutions AARNet
01:00:48 – 01:29:21

CAUDIT Communications
Patricia McMillan, Director Strategic Initiatives, CAUDIT
01:30:25 – 1:35:30

Stream name: ‘Hobart_110413_Clark_James-Holling_Tate’


The Desktop-Free University
Brian Clark, Executive director ITS, RMIT University
00:00:37 – 00:20:14

The Shared Data Centre
Peter James, Director IT Infrastructure & Operations, University of Technology Sydney
Kerry Holling, Director, University of Western Sydney
00:20:15 – 00:38:19

Data Storage Services for Researchers
Dr Nick Tate, Director, Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI)
00:38:20 – 01:09:05

(Nick Tate - PDF of presentation)



CAUDIT wishes to thank all those who took the time to present at CAUDIT Members Meeting and for making your presentations available for download. Your valuable contributions will assist CAUDIT Members in delivering effective IT services and solutions. CAUDIT would also like to thank AARNet for providing streaming services including post event support.