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Revised delivery mode for CAUDIT Managers Program

As one can expect in the current environment, we have looked at what we can do to ensure that no-one misses out on the 2020 CAUDIT Managers Program (CMP).  To facilitate this, a few changes have been made such as delivering the first (and possibly subsequent) face-to-face session online.  Whilst it wont be the same as being in the room with your peers, however, the intimate cohort size of the CMP model is conducive to this delivery mode and we will be utilising online breakout spaces and interactive work spaces such as Dropbox paper etc to ensure that all participants have the ability to engage with the facilitator and to contribute to the many discussions throughout the sessions.  The sessions will likely be delivered in individual 2-hour blocks.

We have elected to push-back the start of the program by one month to help support member organisations in their shorter term planning.  The new start date is: Welcome Webinar 27/5/2020 with the first online face-to-face session running on 23/6/2020.

A critical part of the program is the networking sessions that generally take place at the host sites and to ensure this component is still included, we are going to get creative on how we deliver this for participants of the program.  We will engage with the participants and have them contribute to what model/s will be used and how this will be facilitated.

Times like this enable us to be innovative in our responsiveness and CAUDIT is committed to being versatile and adaptive to ensure that our member organisations are able to continue accessing the programs that they value for their workforce development.

The upside to this is that applications are now open for longer with the official close-off date of Friday 8 May 2020.  Visit the CAUDIT Managers Program pages for an updated schedule and apply today!

We have put together some frequently asked questions for you - Read the 2020 CMP FAQs

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