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Review of eduroam Policy

CAUDIT has begun a review of its existing eduroam policy in collaboration with AARNet who are the primary eduroam service provider for Australian HE and research institutions.  Established in 2010 the policy sets out guidelines that cover the control of the supply and receipt of internet access for educational purposes that is primarily (but not exclusively) offered to visitors of Participating Organisations within Australia.

Eduroam is a TERENA registered trademark and is an abbreviation for ‘educational roaming’ that originated from a European National Education and Research Networks (NRENs) project to deliver a user-friendly, secure and scalable Internet access solution for visitors.

Updates to the policy will ensure that it is aligned to current international standards.  The CAUDIT CEO will be in touch with Member Representatives when the draft update is ready for comment.  A copy of the existing policy can be found on the CAUDIT website.