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Research Adviser

Research Adviser Fact Sheet

Supporting Australian Researchers

Substantial progress has been made in the establishment of an online support service for CAUDIT and AeRO members.

After two years of consultation to create national support framework to join up existing  and new services, the project has now entered the implementation phase.  Known as Research Adviser, the initiative will deliver a virtual online support service for Australian researchers who will be able to:

  • discover and request new services;
  • locate the latest support information;
  • and log a request for assistance when a published service is not functioning as expected.

Stage 1 of the service will be available by the end of June and will feature services from NeCTAR’s National Servers Platform (NSP). The demonstrator will also showcase the support of one of Australia’s biggest virtual laboratories.  Research Adviser is a cloud service that provides research projects, government programs/agencies, national and state providers with a low-cost platform to support the publishing, discovery, and support of their services.

The project is funded by the members of CAUDIT and AeRO. For more information please see the attached Research Adviser Facts Sheet.

HEATH COOPER | IT Manager – Capability Solutions
Information and Communications Technology