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Record number of CAUDIT 2020 Award submissions received

Record number of CAUDIT Award submissions received

Nominations for the CAUDIT Awards 2020 have now closed. In total we have received 63 submissions (9 more than last year) from 24 member organisations across all 5 categories. Given current world events, and in particular, the impact of COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever to focus on the positive through recognising the talented individuals and amazing initiatives being rolled out across CAUDIT member organisations. The awards bring a sense of normality in this currently chaotic world and judging by the number of submissions received, it seems our members share this sentiment.  

With COVID-19 consuming a great deal of attention, the judging timeline for the CAUDIT Awards has been slightly delayed. Currently, we are in the process of inviting judges and judging for each category will commence as soon as each judging panel has been finalised.

Read more about the Awards Dinner and judging process here.