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ORCID Board - Call for Nominations

The ORCID Board Nomination committee is currently seeking suitable candidates to consider standing for election to serve on the ORCID Board.

ORCID is at an exciting point in its evolution -- expected to reach breakeven this year, with well over 1,000 members and more than 6.5 million users. As the organization moves out of its startup phase, it is more important than ever to ensure that the Board is providing the guidance needed to ensure that ORCID continues to make strong progress towards achieving its mission. It's also important that the Board is as representative as possible of the ORCID community, so we are looking to select a ‘slate’ of candidates that is balanced and diverse, taking into account different sectors, regions, skills, and non-profit status requirements as established in the ORCID bylaws.

Your organisation must be a current member of ORCID to be eligible. More information about the process in this blog post, and on the ORCID website, Alternatively please contact Heath Marks, CEO, AAF or Chair of the Committee, Alison Mitchell directly.