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An example of how one university is implementing ORCID can be seen by the University of Adelaide:   Nearly 3,141,593 academics have registered for ORCID IDs worldwide.

Does anyone have information on their institution’s investment in system changes to implement ORCID?  If so, CAUDIT and the ORCID Consortium would love to hear from you.  ORCID would be interested if anyone has a PhD or Masters student that would like to do some economic modelling on this.

ORCID have released a new API – version 2.0 -

Bruce Callow, CTO & Deputy to the PVC (INS), Griffith University has been elected as Chair of the Australian ORCID Consortium Governance Committee Chair - .  Anne Kealley, CEO, CAUDIT continues as CAUDIT’s representative to the Australian ORCID Consortium Advisory Group.  This group is chaired by Linda O’Brien, Pro Vice Chancellor (Information Services), Griffith University.  Michelle Duryea, ARMS and Edith Cowan University

In December 2016, Linda was elected to represent the Australian Consortium on the international ORCID Board -  Congratulations to Linda!