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New Category added to CAUDIT Awards

A new category recognising Operational Excellence within the higher education sector has been included in the CAUDIT Awards program.

The CAUDIT Awards recognise, celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and innovation of IT staff working in CAUDIT member organisations, and the application of digital capabilities.

The criteria for each award is currently being defined and will be made available on the CAUDIT Awards wepage soon. 

Each award will have its own judging panel.  If you would like to suggest someone who would be an astute judge on one of the judging panels please contact the CAUDIT CEO at  We are looking for senior leaders (both academic and professional) in the areas aligned with each of the awards, students and external technology leaders.

If you would like to be one of the inaugural sponsors of an award and engage with this exciting initiative, please see the prospectus at and contact before the end of July.