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Identity & Access Management Community

Following on from the very successful Identity and Access Management (IDAM) Forum held at the Australian Access Federation headquarters in Brisbane during March, a new Community of Practice, dedicated to this topic has been established with over 35 members already signed up to the Community.

The IDAM Community is a collaboration of IDAM practitioners across the higher education and research sector working towards the common goal of increasing clarity, exploring trends, issues and challenges and sharing knowledge and experiences relating to Identity & Access Management.

The IDAM Community:

  • Provides a platform for organisations to showcase their work and be acknowledged/recognised for their achievements
  • Connects peers for the purposes of knowledge exchange and learning from one another’s successes and failures.
  • Recognises that IDAM is often specialist work whilst there is overlap with other areas such as Enterprise Architecture and Cybersecurity Groups.

The Community is open to IT, library and eResearch practitioners from CAUDIT member organisations.  Visit this link to join.