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Closing the Cloud Computing Skills Gap

Closing the Cloud Computing Skills Gap:  Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches the AWS Academy Program 

AWS Academy is a new program to help students develop in-demand cloud computing skills and prepare for AWS Certification. The program offers an AWS-authorized end-to-end curriculum for AWS Academy accredited instructors to deliver over a semester. Institutions are provided with AWS-authorized learning content, giving them the ability to offer their students an up-to-date AWS Cloud computing curriculum. The curriculum is developed and maintained by AWS subject matter experts, which means it reflects new AWS releases and best practices. The curriculum is designed to be readily integrated into institution’s existing course programs. 

Program Benefits include

AWS Academy member institutions and educators receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • A complete, ready-to-teach semester-long curriculum that is developed and maintained by AWS
  • Complimentary AWS training for educators as part of AWS Academy instructor accreditation
  • Discounts on AWS Certification exams

To apply online and learn more about the program go to or contact Kim Rubbo, Regional AWS Academy Program Manager, .