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CAUDIT/UCISA Partnership Announcement - Higher Education Enterprise Architecture Reference Models

For some time now the executive leadership of CAUDIT and UCISA have supported and encouraged their respective Enterprise Architecture Communities of Practice to collaborate to explore opportunities and mutual advantages through harmonising the CAUDIT and UCISA Higher Education Enterprise Architecture Reference Models. 

We are therefore delighted to announce the issuing of the joint statement of intent to work closely together to further develop the Business Capability and Data Models as international reference models for the Higher Education sector. This cooperation aligns with a common strategic intent to promote best practice through collaboration and sharing with our communities and follows on from our announcement of this collaboration on Thursday 16 April at the CAUDIT Autumn Members Meeting (AMM).

The CAUDIT and UCISA Enterprise Architecture Communities of Practice have already begun this work. Over the next three years they will continue to collaborate to further refine the Business Capability and Data Models to reflect the growing maturity of the HE sectors in Australasia and the UK and to form the foundations for discussions with further international communities so as to create a common international language and model across the HE sectors irrespective of country. 

Under this arrangement CAUDIT has federated the distribution of the CAUDIT Higher Education Business and Data Reference models to all UCISA university members under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.  

The CAUDIT Executive acknowledge and thank Karen Modena (La Trobe University), Nigel Foxwell (James Cook University) and jeff kennedy (The University of Auckland) and all members of the HERM Working Group, along with Lex Silkinson (Sheffield Hallam University and Stéphane Pajon (Coventry University) for facilitating this collaboration.

Congratulations to all involved!!!!  You can pop the champagne now!

As mentioned at the AMM, the CAUDIT Models have already been shared with over 300 institutions in 38 countries (including 64 in the UK) since we first commenced this journey in 2016 with FHO. We now move on to putting a similar arrangement for federated distribution in place with our US colleagues – EDUCAUSE and ITANA.

Staff of CAUDIT member institutions may access the models via the CAUDIT Higher Education Reference Models web page after logging in.