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CAUDIT Procurement Update - September 2018

Procurement Update

CAUDIT Procurement has continued discussions with Adobe in relation to their Digital Marketing and Creative Clouds.  The ServiceNow survey was run in the later stages of August. The responses to the survey will now be collated. Thank you for the feedback which we will follow-up over the coming weeks.

VMWare is also updating their offering to CAUDIT members for 2019

CAUDIT has published new vendor offers in the past month from both Cylance and Tenable Network Security with ongoing work on several other vendor offers in development. Additionally, CAUDIT is working closely with the Cybersecurity Community of Practice to provide a panel of suppliers relating to cybersecurity awareness training.

Look out for CAUDIT hosted webinars in August from Smartbear, VMWare, and Tenable Network Security.

Microsoft Update

CAUDIT has recently released pricing information to member representatives, the University Software Licensing Community and other appropriate University staff. 

A considerable amount of effort has been put into concluding agreement, with following actions commenced:

  • A series of webinars (by CAUDIT) have been scheduled for the first week of September for Australian University Members of CAUDIT
  • A webinar (by Microsoft) to provide a briefing to Australian University Members of CAUDIT
  • Once these have been concluded, a survey of member representatives will be issued, to confirm acceptance (or otherwise) of the agreement

In parallel, the following is being finalised:

  • Contracts (most contracts have been distributed, but the final amendment document includes commercials, and therefore needs to be confirmed)
  • An RFQ process (for the selection of Licensing Solution Providers) will commence shortly, with results to be made available as soon as possible

An update will also be provided by CAUDIT and Microsoft during the USLC SLAM Workshop being held on 12-14 September 2018.

If you have not been receiving updates, please contact Steve Johnston at CAUDIT ( and you will be sent details and included in future communications.

Webinars & Events

September 2018

4th, 5th & 7th    CAUDIT Webinar | Microsoft — closed session

5th                   CAUDIT Webinar | SmartBear

6th                   CAUDIT Webinar | VMware ­— closed session

12-14th           SLAM 2018 Conference

26-28th           QUESTnet 2018 Conference