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CAUDIT Procurement Update

Procurement Update

CAUDIT is working on a number of key procurement priority areas, one of those is to establish a panel of vendors offering solutions in Cybersecurity. CAUDIT is working with key stakeholders across three focus areas – Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, and Security Awareness Training, and a number of initial discussions have commenced with vendors. A series of webinars and new or revised CAUDIT member offerings are in the pipeline.

Additionally, a new agreement with ServiceNow is progressing, and CAUDIT is following up on the initial engagement with Adobe to discuss a CAUDIT offering.

In development is a Fast-Track framework for vendors to engage with CAUDIT and provide members with vendors’ products and services both efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft Update

Discussions between CAUDIT and Microsoft are proceeding at a rapid pace, with information provided by member institutions proving invaluable.  The quick responses that we have been receiving to our surveys is appreciated and is helping us to maintain momentum.

We have asked Microsoft to compile their offering into a single document which is expected in the next few days, along with their feedback to our legal concerns.  We are very close to reaching agreement, bearing in mind there are still some sticking points to be addressed.

For the latest information on the agreement, please visit the dedicated webpage for the Microsoft negotiations.