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CAUDIT Members Lead the way in Building Leadership Resilience

As leaders of technology, CAUDIT Member Representatives work in environments that are highly dynamic with constant demands on delivery, where change is constant, speed of innovation is expected and where speed of adoption and transformation is not guaranteed.  It is easy for senior leaders to focus their support to their teams, however, there is just as much need and proven value when that focus is shifted to internal reflection.

Building resilience in Leadership, Innovation and Life was delivered over three sessions informed by the bodies of work surrounding Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistics and Mindfulness.  Each session looked into its own concept: Neurology, Physiology and Process and was delivered by Preetie Shehkkar of Glass Rock Consulting.

In looking to develop this course for Member Representatives, CAUDIT Manager, Professional Development, Cassandra Spencer noted that this theme can be difficult for senior leaders to embrace and was pleased by the full attendance at the session held at the Members Meeting.  She noted that participation in the session was voluntary and the interest and high attendance shows considerable foresight and self-awareness by CAUDIT Member Representatives that will have ongoing benefits for them personally and more broadly for their organisations and the sector. 

‘Just like we pay attention to our body’s physical needs and triggers, by paying attention to our minds triggers we are increasing our abilities to work (and thrive) in multiple environments especially when those environments may be pressure driven.’   And the more normal this type of focus will become.

Member Representatives and their invited guests at the recent CAUDIT Autumn Members have access to the recordings and slides of the session for future reference here: Session 1 and Session 2.