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CAUDIT Managers Program meets at UQ

The first of the three face-to-face sessions of the 2018 CAUDIT Managers Program was hosted at the University of Queensland in early July.  In this session the group participated in three modules delivered by PaceLearning which consisted of Foundations of Management, Coaching techniques and their LSI feedback reports.   These are great starters to the program by exploring the differences between management and leadership traits, beliefs, attitudes, capabilities and behaviours and how emulating these traits first starts with self-awareness (how participants see themselves and how they are seen by their peers). 

 In addition to the structured learning sessions, participants also had opportunity to engage with Rob Moffatt, CIO of University of Queensland during the meet & greet session along with other staff from the UQ campus during the onsite networking sessions.  These connections will continue to grow over the course of the program and will be of great value for many years.

Participants will undertake one-on-one coaching in August before their next face-to-face session which is being held at UNSW Canberra – ADFA in September.