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CAUDIT Farewells CEO - Anne Kealley

Anne Kealley, Chief Executive Officer at CAUDIT is retiring effective 09 July 2021 after seven and a half years with CAUDIT (and 27 years in HE) and starting the next chapter of her life.

While we are saddened to see Anne retire, we are delighted for her and wish her all the best in her next adventure. She will be very much missed by all the CAUDIT team, the CAUDIT Executive, CAUDIT Members and the many other people she has supported and interacted with over the years, both here and internationally. Her wisdom, calm approach and leadership have led CAUDIT through the better part of the last decade.

During her time as CEO, Anne has made an extraordinary contribution to our Association and the sector. Her strong vision for a member-led association and contemporary ICT in higher education and research has led to the implementation of a number of key initiatives, including the Cybersecurity Program/AHECS, expansion of Professional Development offerings and, most recently, procurement and creation of the new Partner Program.  With member input, we have also seen fabulous work with and by the Communities of Practice such as the development and release of the CAUDIT Higher Education Enterprise Architecture Reference Models - now having been distributed to over 370 recipients world-wide and federated to our UK counterpart.  

The quality of CAUDIT benchmarking has also strengthened and evolved. It is very clear that CAUDIT, under Anne’s leadership, has helped members address their changing challenges and recent unprecedented change. 

We have also increasingly engaged with government and members regarding legislative changes which impact the sector and provided collation of viewpoints and succinct advice on a broad range of topics over the years.

Shortly you will also see evidence of the refresh of the CAUDIT brand, one of Anne’s last deliverables, along with an updated website - refreshing our branding to reflect the ever evolving CAUDIT but with our roots remaining in connecting, challenging and enabling. 

The CAUDIT Executive, on behalf of all members, would like to take this opportunity to say how much we have valued Anne’s dedication. We have greatly enjoyed working with her and know that experience has been shared by colleagues on the Executive, CAUDIT Members and staff. We will miss Anne but she leaves CAUDIT in a very strong position for the future and we sincerely thank her for her vision, leadership and contribution. Anne truly is a 'unicorn' and will be leaving a massive gap behind.

We hope to have an opportunity to say thank you in person at the Spring Members Meeting in Brisbane in September 2021.

'Thanks everyone for your good wishes as I head off into retirement.  It's not quite the same nowadays as I am not ‘leaving the building’ with a box of my personal belongings. Working from home changes many things and that is one of them!

Thank you to everyone who has made working with CAUDIT a joy over the last seven and a half years.  Top of the list are the CAUDIT staff.  You have a great bunch of people there to support you.  Thanks also to the various members of the Executive, Committees, working groups, Communities of Practice, colleagues in other organisations and international counterparts, etc.  The sharing and collaboration is what makes CAUDIT and similar member Associations in the sector special. (For just some of the activities, you can read CAUDIT’s 2020 Annual Report.)
I wish you all the best for the future.'
Anne Kealley