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CAUDIT Executive Engagement with Communities of Practice

The CAUDIT Executive Committee has undertaken an initiative that will see them working closely with the CAUDIT Communities of Practice in assisting to report on issues that directly impact their Communities.

Communities are working collaboratively to identify which issue from the 2016 CAUDIT Top Ten has the biggest impact on them, what the impacts are, how some institutions might already be addressing the issue and what the effectiveness/success rate has been and also a recommendation of further action to address the issue that would benefit all CAUDIT member institutions. 

Each Community has been paired with a mentor from the CAUDIT Executive Committee to assist in creating the report which will be presented to the CAUDIT Exec Committee by December 2016 and discussions have begun through various channels such as face-to-face workshops, yammer and wiki collaborations.

Below are the Communities and their elected report topic:

Community Name

Top Ten Issue selected


#3 Information Security’ and how can institutions further enhance their cybersecurity maturity capability so as to better address this issue.

USLC (University Software Licensing)

#6 Workforce Evolution.  We are already seeing the change of members responsibilities evolving from software licensing specialists and encompassing those skills CAUDIT identified under Workforce Evolution. In particular service contract and vendor management, negotiation and collaboration.


#6 Workforce Evolution. From the perspective of Projects, Program and Portfolio.

Enterprise Architects

#5 Digital Strategy.  Developing a fit-for-purpose digital strategy for the institution's future

Business Analysts

#7 Business Transformation.  Positioning IT as a catalyst to transform the business functions of the institution.


The CAUDIT Executive has taken on a pro-active role in supporting the development of the Communities by endorsing a formal policy to encourage interaction and engagement and hopes that these reports will also provide a platform for Communities and aims for them to be released for the interest of CAUDIT member institutions.

To join a Community visit the Communities page

Download the CAUDIT 2016 Top Ten brochure here