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CAUDIT 2016 US Study Tour

Led by Steven Wojnarowski, Director Analytics and Strategic Initiatives, CAUDIT, (University visits) and Steve Johnston, Director Strategic Procurement, CAUDIT (Vendor visits) ten representatives from CAUDIT Member Institutions participated in a two-stage study tour made up of:

Pre-EDUCAUSE conference Anaheim-based university visits to:

  • Caltech [Monday 24 October 2016]
  • UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education [Tuesday 25 October 2016]

Post-EDUCAUSE based in San Jose and Seattle:

  • UC Berkeley [Monday 31 October 2016]
  • Stanford University [am Tuesday 1 November 2016]
  • Oracle [pm Tuesday 1 November 2016]
  • VMware [Wednesday 2 November 2016] 
  • Microsoft [Thursday 3 November 2016]
  • Microsoft and Bellevue Community College [Friday 4 November 2016] .

University visit agendas were framed around the 2016 CAUDIT Top Ten Issues – that resonated with the host universities which were facing much the same issues, namely:

  • Student Success Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Educational Technology
  • Learning Analytics
  • Research Support

with discussions and idea exchanges including: 

  • IT service disruption
  • Perception of the role of the CIO
  • Stakeholder management
  • ‘Smart campus’ space
  • Reshaping of the IT workforce and skills gaps issues
  • Use of the Cloud

Participants provided very positive feedback during the tour and in the post event survey and a full report including photos will be circulated to members shortly.