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Business Transformation of Education and Research

Positioning ICT as a catalyst to support the transformation of education and research, along with transforming the institution’s business functions.

(#3 on the 2018 CAUDIT Top Ten Topics)

The expectation is that the business of universities and research institutions will soon change markedly.

The nature of change is less certain. It depends on the impacts of shifts in policy and funding arrangements, and anticipated variations in student flows. Domestic uncertainties aside, there is continuing ambiguity about how global changes affecting higher education and research, like micro-credentialing and academic freedom in research domains, may incrementally or decisively test current business models.

Whatever business transformations are underway and ahead, information technology will be to the fore, executing them in ways that maintain institutional values and stability. In this operating context, ICT leaders and managers are essential participants in developing and executing strategy, and monitoring the effects of technology choices on advancing institutional priorities. AI, automation and robotics will increasingly play a part.

Well calibrated strategy and implementation hinge on collaboration. ICT leaders and their team can apply their expertise to achieving objectives. They can advise on information technology’s role in business transformation. But ultimately, transformation is a common endeavour for the whole institution.