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ACSC Campaign

The ACSC University Sector Cyber Uplift Campaign launched on Tuesday 16 March at ACSC in Canberra. The campaign launch was attended by CAUDIT Cybersecurity Program Director Greg Sawyer, AHECS Cybersecurity CoP Chair Tim Lane and AHECS Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead Dave O’Loan from AARNet, with online streaming provided across capital cities. 

ACSC covered a range of topics including:

  • ACSC Partnership Program – ACSC Partnership Program Team (an overview of the ACSC Partnership Program)

  • Trends in the Cyber Environment – ACSC Operational Strategy and Trends (an overview of incidents and trends the ACSC has witnessed in the education sector across Australia)

  • What to Expect when Expecting IR – ACSC HUNT and Incident Response Team (preparing for responding to a cyber security incident, including the role of incident response and the best way to manage incident from start to finish).

ACSC reinforced that academic and research networks are high value targets for foreign adversaries and criminal groups due to the abundance of intellectual property, research and personal identifiable information (PII) they store. In conjunction with university peak bodies and universities, and informed by threat intelligence reporting, the ACSC campaign seeks to make it harder and less attractive for malicious cyber actors to target Australian universities. The ACSC campaign also aims to support universities to uplift their cyber resilience and response mechanisms. 

Attendance provided the opportunity to further develop valuable contacts within ACSC and to discuss in detail the mutual aim and ways of strengthening relationships between ACSC and the Higher Education Sector via AHECS and partners.