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Access to your organisation’s research management data

As part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Management System (RMS) redevelopment, the ARC has provisioned an Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows Administering Organisations’ systems to automatically interact with RMS and extract organisation data including clients, proposals, projects, final reports and end-of-year reports.

In recent months the ARC has been working with The University of Sydney’s system provider to assist them to successfully integrate their research management system with the RMS API.

Positive feedback has been received on this with the successful integration taking days, not months.

The API is the ARC’s preferred solution for Administering Organisations, or their vendors, looking to integrate their systems with RMS. While all data in the API can be extracted from RMS manually, the true benefits of the API are realised with direct system to system integration.

The ARC encourages all interested Administering Organisations, and their vendors, to contact the ARC for assistance in implementing the ARC’s API. The ARC can provide documentation and API access examples for evaluation purposes and some technical support.  

Additionally, the ARC is evaluating an expansion of the data made available through the API, and welcomes feedback from Administering Organisations, and their vendors, regarding preferences and priorities for data that could be made available.

If you would like further information about the RMS API, please contact the ARC’s RMS help desk (


Trish Leahey
Chief Information Officer
Australian Research Council