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The 2020 CAUDIT Top Ten Report is now available

CAUDIT has released its 2020 Top Ten Report which outlines the Top Ten most significant areas of interest, changes over time and opportunities for ICT leaders in 2020 in Australian and New Zealand Higher Education and Research sectors. 

CAUDIT’s 2020 Top Ten Topics report is designed to contribute to conversations about ICT’s essential and potential application in higher education and research. Top Ten rankings are the product of a survey completed by CAUDIT Member Representatives. The survey is adapted each year to reflect emerging and current technology-related business priorities. 

Like earlier Top Ten booklets, this 2020 edition supports ICT leaders to contextualise institutional goals, expectations and needs within a sectoral perspective. 


The Three Themes

 To better encapsulate the sector’s ICT focus, the Top Ten Working Party clustered 2020 Top Ten topics into three major themes: 
  1. Strategic Direction 
  2. Digital Agenda 
  3. Transformation 

These themes signal to institutional stakeholders the importance of purposeful, targeted improvements in ICT services and capabilities.


Revealing the Top Ten Topics

The 2020 CAUDIT Top Ten report considered 20 topics affecting ICT Leaders in Australian and New Zealand Higher Education and Research sectors, up from 17 in 2019, and can now be revealed: 

  • In 10th place: Sustainability -  Developing ICT funding models sustaining core services, supporting innovation, and facilitating growth in the context of increasing demand and limited resources.
  • 9th place: Research Support - Providing a sustainable research support model servicing the needs of all researchers.
  • 8th place: Cultural Change - Changing organisation culture to prompt new ways of working.
  • 7th place: Digital Integrations - Leveraging enterprise architecture frameworks to facilitate smooth integration of data, systems and services.
  • 6th place: Data Enabled Institution - Enabling strategic decision making through the application of tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • 5th place: Delivering Services - Embedding agility, scalability and cost effectiveness across activity to deliver value to students and staff.
  • 4th place: Strategy - Aligning IT with the organisation’s strategies to ensure its future in a digitalised world.
  • 3rd place: Business Transformation - Positioning ICT as a catalyst to support the transformation of education and research, along with transforming the institution’s business functions.
  • 2nd place: Supporting Student Success - Improving student outcomes through the strategic alignment of technology.
  • And in 1st place, the most significant issue is Information Security - Embedding an Information Security approach to enable institutional outcomes.

See how these topics fit into each of the three overarching themes of Strategic Direction, Digital Agenda and Transformation in The 2020 CAUDIT Top Ten Report at


How the Top Ten Topic Rankings Changed Over Time

CAUDIT Members are surveyed annually to determine the Top Ten Topics affecting the strategic application of digital capabilities in support of their organisation's mission in terms of Significance/Impact. 


Over the last 3 years there has interestingly been little shift across the top 3 topics which in 2020 were Information Security (1), Supporting Student Success (2) and Business Transformation (3). However across topics ranking 4-10 there has been more significant change over the three-year timeframe. 

The trends chart below summarises the most significant technology related topics engaging universities in the past three years with their ranking each year. The number denotes each topic’s ranking in each year. A topic’s rankings are linked where the topic was ranked in successive years. 


The CAUDIT Top Ten Reports for 2020 and previous years are available for download at 

Please direct queries to Anne Kealley, CEO CAUDIT.