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2013 EA Symposium Update

Over 60 Architects, IT Directors, Senior Executives, and Analysts from 24 universities around Australia and New Zealand gathered with several senior representatives from organisations like Gartner, Oracle, Cisco, CEB, and Dimension Data on 18, 19, and 20 November 2013 at the University of Melbourne’s Woodward Conference Centre for the 8th Annual CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium.

In these times of phenomenal technological changes that are challenging the way universities are doing their business, the theme of the symposium 'Predicting the Play', was appropriate. This event was hosted by the Enterprise Solutions team of the University of Melbourne.  The Programme Committee for the Symposium was comprised of representatives from Monash University (Ric Phillips), Auckland University of Technology (Felecia van Heerden), University of Auckland (jeff kennedy), University of Sydney (Rizan Rizvi), and Catholic Education (Devendra Nambiar), supporting the core team from the University of Melbourne (Niranjan Prabhu, Rajesh Padmawar, and Maria Nguyen).

This three-day event was jam-packed, featuring five keynotes, nine presentations, nine Pecha-Kucha (short, structured, five-minute presentations), three workshops, and one open panel discussion with industry experts.  The event provided deep insights into the way universities are dealing with disruptive technologies, advancing their architectural practices, and highlighted people, process, and technical aspects that matter whilst working within the constraints of the organisation.

On the first day, Niranjan Prabhu, Director of Enterprise Solutions, welcomed all delegates.  The first keynote ' Higher Education Disrupted' was presented by Sendur Kathir, CIO and Head of Infrastructure at University of Melbourne, who explored the challenges we are facing and highlighted how architecture and architects could come forward and partner with the business in dealing with these challenges.

A PechaKucha presentation titled - 'Do Architects live in the Uncanny Valley?’ won the best PechKucha award: it was presented by Graeme Dunlop from University of Melbourne. The best presentation award was won by Carlo Abinoja from Monash University, for his presentation on 'Architects are people too'.

Attendees were also treated with a tour of the host institution, the University of Melbourne, and with a beautiful Yarra River dinner cruise.

The EA2013 Symposium was concluded with awards and a thank you note by Niranjan Prabhu. From the feedback gathered thus far, reports show that the event was nothing less than the best CAUDIT EA symposium ever! Next year's symposium will be hosted by the University of Sydney.

For further information about this event, please get in touch with Niranjan Prabhu, Rajesh Padmawar, or Maria Nguyen.  Event details can be found online at