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Monash Virtual Environment (Move) - Beyond the PC Lab (Citrix)

Clifford Ashford

Monash University


In 2018 Monash Education Innovation (MEI), and eSolutions Research and Education Services (RES) undertook an ambitious programme to embrace virtual application delivery for 100,000 students and staff . This project was not without its challenges, pitfalls, surprises, limitations, discoveries, and opportunities. This uncertainty justified the use of an Agile delivery philosophy and made for an eventful year.

When taking stock this has proved to be a highly successful process, achieving all the goals, and which has provoked many new questions about the future of learning, teaching, and assessment. Cllfford Ashford and Professor Kris Ryan will cover the evolving vision - based on the real world experiences of the project - and provide ample time for questions in this interactive session.