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Mobile Ecosystem

The University of Newcastle launched the myUON Student app and portal in February 2018.

myUON provides students with access to their key academic resources from their mobile, tablet or browser, anywhere, anytime. Utilising human-centred design techniques, focus groups, prototype validation, UI design, and beta testing we aspired to understand what features engaged students and were most important to their student life experience. We delivered a rich, interactive user experience by merging functionality from multiple systems and presenting this to students in a meaningful way.

myUON’s design includes coloured tiles and icons that are easily identified, interactive and dynamic features displaying live content, including easily identified notifications that indicate when a student has an activity to complete, and single-sign on to systems where feasible.       

An important requirement for the myUON Student app was for it to be as personalised as possible, enabling students to choose functions to display, and in what order. The app also provides students with targeted content in the form of news and events. To ensure the displayed content is relevant, the feeds prioritise news and events that are tagged to the student’s faculty and location.

The myUON Student app is evolving in collaboration with students. The app has already been updated with the first round of enhancements released in September 2018, and the next round planned for February 2019. These updates include a myUON Ideas feature where students can submit their app experience ideas and vote on entries from their peers. 

Mobile Ecosystem